Monday, December 10, 2012


"I have another job interview on Monday. This is a good thing. However I am realizing I dont want to kind of job I'm interviewing for...they are not bad jobs. I wanted to save the planet, but the jobs just aren't there, or they want someone with a masters degree."
I wrote that on Monday.
Tuesday brought a call from the first job interview, offering me the job. I told them they would have to wait till after the other interview. Then I called back Thursday & took the job. I start tomorrow.

I'm so nervous.

I'm going to learn a lot.
Does one's job define them? If it does, I'll either need to chage or change jobs.
The kinds of jobs I want are just not calling me back, or they want someone with more experience, or a master's degree.
So I'll get experience at this job. Maybe I'll go to grad school in the fall, or next year. By then I'll have learned the job well and be more settled.
I hope I'm not making a huge mistake. Its all happened so fast.

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