Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Coffee & GIS my first 3 days

My new job...from phone call to job in exactly 2 weeks...
Day one was pretty fun. It was obvious how fast everything happened because my computer was not set up. It took forever to sync the dropbox files. Nate, the boss of GIS, took us out for coffee at Starbucks.
Second day was wrought with GIS authorization code nightmares. Turns out Esri's server that handles authorization codes was down. I ended up spending most of the day fighting with the large format printer. Damn thing just won't continue to work.
Day three I finally got to make maps! I have mostly made maps with point & line data, so the change to polygons is nice, but I am having to relearn a lot. Also their filing system is quite intimidating. I'm taking lots of notes and asking tons of questions.
Getting to know the other employees is also fun. They are a pretty great group of people!
I still dont know where the refrigerator is...
I've attached a picture of my desk so you can see my desktop image! It came with the computer from Texas!

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