Sunday, December 30, 2012


So many changes in so little time...
New car, because of the only car wreck I've ever had! I still miss my Vibe.
New phone, upgrade available due to car insurance money left over from buying cheaper car.
New job, where I occasionally feel like a sellout fraudulent asshat. Some of this will go away once I learn more & gain all the experience, and some will be there till the end.
I'm trying to make long-term plans for my life begining with grad school decisions, all the way up to 5 &10 year plans. Its rough. And complicated. And there are still too many questions and options out there for me...
I really love making all the maps in this new job. Its fun & I like the ones that are more difficult and need detective work to figure out. Challenges are good. They keep it interesting. The people I work with are really nice.
Oh, and I finally found the refrigerator, its in a little room across from my office! Everyone likes my superman lunchbox!

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