Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Days 49-55 of 365 project

These days...February 18h-24th
not a whole lot is going on...I'm so ready for spring!
day 49 (2-18) Inside Williamson building, looking out. I got bonus points for being in class this day!

day 50 at the Poland library bookstore, they have almost a complete set! I used to read these all the time!!

day 51 - YSU Stambaugh Stadium Press box - fuzzy

day 51 - take 2, sign posted in the press box for phone-a-thon, which was cancelled due to technical difficulties, i.e. the phones didn't work!

day 52 - empty theater, we were the only people in this theater on a Friday afternoon

day 52 - take 2 - Amanda & me on our "French Friday Friend Date" 1st (to become annual) movie date - we saw THE LEGO MOVIE & it was AWESOME!! :) Mrs. FrenchPants hadn't seen a movie since 2010! It was VERY dark in the theater & the flash on my camera was super bright! It blinded Amanda for a few seconds!

day 53 - all the seeds for $6
day 54 - I made this plant hanger from a very old t-shirt!

day 55 - getting ready to plant all the veggies, shelves on shelves!

day 55 - take 2 - lettuce, peppers & broccoli, I am using toilet paper rolls cut in half on an old cookie sheet

day 55 - take 3 - tomatoes in milk cartons! 

Monday, February 17, 2014

Day 48 of 365 Project

Day 48 of the 365 project - Maggie's Magic Muffins, Pistachio! Thanks to Andrew!
Day 48 - muy delicioso!

Days 39-47 of 365 project

This week, I did not post any pics on social media at all...I am not quite sure why. I took the pics, but I did not post any. I hope to not let that happen again.
Day 39 - Someone was hiding under the table at the library.

Day 40 - Someone left his toy out in the snow!

Day 41 - Hugo, behind the blinds.
Day 42 - melting ice

Day 43 - fuzzzzzzzy Hugio!!

Day 44 - sleepy Hugo.

Day 45 - A haircut for Hugo.

Day 46 - Teaching Camille how to play classic Zelda!! 

Day 47 - Gracie in her new sweater from Carly!! :) So cute!

Days 32-38 of 365 project

Beginning with February...I've gotten a little behind posting, and off track with my regular daily posts on FB & Instagram! So I am catching up here and now!
Day 032 - My Auntie made this shirt for my ma! They went to see Sir Elton at the Covelli!

Day 034 - Jacob Tyler & Gracie Lou

Day 035 - Additive Manufacturing at the Youngstown Business Incubator! 

Day 036 - Sophia the cat, right before she bit me!

Day 037 -  Ellen and the terrible, no good, horrible, awful day!

Day 038 - chillin with my girl

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Days 27-31 of 365 project

Last of the month of January. First 31 days done, and I only completely forgot twice! I've got the rest of the year to go. Hopefully I'll get to use my real camera more, my phone camera less, as the year goes on. So far I'm still having fun!

Day 27
Snuggle cutness.
Day 28 
Trying to find a warm spot.
Day 29
Great book. Might be a bday gift for a little one I know!
Day 30
Swensons drive in with mom.
Day 31
snow melts to freeze