Monday, February 17, 2014

Days 39-47 of 365 project

This week, I did not post any pics on social media at all...I am not quite sure why. I took the pics, but I did not post any. I hope to not let that happen again.
Day 39 - Someone was hiding under the table at the library.

Day 40 - Someone left his toy out in the snow!

Day 41 - Hugo, behind the blinds.
Day 42 - melting ice

Day 43 - fuzzzzzzzy Hugio!!

Day 44 - sleepy Hugo.

Day 45 - A haircut for Hugo.

Day 46 - Teaching Camille how to play classic Zelda!! 

Day 47 - Gracie in her new sweater from Carly!! :) So cute!

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