Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Days 49-55 of 365 project

These days...February 18h-24th
not a whole lot is going on...I'm so ready for spring!
day 49 (2-18) Inside Williamson building, looking out. I got bonus points for being in class this day!

day 50 at the Poland library bookstore, they have almost a complete set! I used to read these all the time!!

day 51 - YSU Stambaugh Stadium Press box - fuzzy

day 51 - take 2, sign posted in the press box for phone-a-thon, which was cancelled due to technical difficulties, i.e. the phones didn't work!

day 52 - empty theater, we were the only people in this theater on a Friday afternoon

day 52 - take 2 - Amanda & me on our "French Friday Friend Date" 1st (to become annual) movie date - we saw THE LEGO MOVIE & it was AWESOME!! :) Mrs. FrenchPants hadn't seen a movie since 2010! It was VERY dark in the theater & the flash on my camera was super bright! It blinded Amanda for a few seconds!

day 53 - all the seeds for $6
day 54 - I made this plant hanger from a very old t-shirt!

day 55 - getting ready to plant all the veggies, shelves on shelves!

day 55 - take 2 - lettuce, peppers & broccoli, I am using toilet paper rolls cut in half on an old cookie sheet

day 55 - take 3 - tomatoes in milk cartons! 

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