Thursday, January 30, 2014


I have read 7 books so far this month.
I am a reading machine!
Most have been Young Adult (YA) for my reading bingo game I'm playing this year. They include: Shadow & Bone, Siege & Storm, Ask the Passengers, Please Ignore Vera Deitz, Reached, and Wither. I also read a Janet Evanovich that wasn't very good, it was called Big Girl Panties. I almost gave up, but I really hate not finishing a book, its like not finishing a movie. Someone worked very hard to write/create it...the least I can do is spend the time to finish it. 
I probably won't be able to sustain this amount of reading once its no longer bitter winter. I'll need to be outside; walking dogs, running, gardening, & being in nature. Also, I really need a job.
For now, I'm gonna keep on reading.

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